This is Not Fire Safety

March 21, 2022

Tio's true digital fire logbook was created to close the gaps in our building safety left by the frequent poor state of paper logbooks. Among many other shortcomings, paper leaves no detailed audit trail, provides no task management or user assistance, can be hard to manage and tricky to analyse when proof is needed.

As more building and facilities professionals and fire safety businesses are realising, paper just does not stand up against Tio's digital logbook and compliance manager solution.

We recently came across this logbook, shared by Future Group a forward thinking fire safety business, on a system take-over.


It underlines the need for more regulation of fire professionals on both the industry and end user sides of the table, (something most professionals are calling for). It underlines the need for better, more transparent and more accurate fire record keeping and it's a really great example of exactly why we think Tio is the answer.

We would urge anyone with a fire logbook to check it's where it should be, that it is up to date, that it is accurate. Then check all the previous logbooks and related documentation you have are stored safely. If you have any doubts, or if you realise this is 20th century thinking in a 21st century safety world then please consider Tio. You can get a Tio logbook from us or from your service partner. We will even convert your paper records to digital for you and set up your digital logbook and compliance manager.

Tio is as fast to set up as a paper logbook and priced to replace your paper documentation. You can quickly arrange a  demo on our website.