New Branded Logbook Access Stickers

December 3, 2021

Tio's true cloud fire safety logbook is the only one of its kind in the world. It's priced to replace and radically outperforms paper logbooks and also includes1Gb of digital document storage for every premises. One of the innovative features we've brought to Tio is that it is more accessible (securely) than paper logbooks, for building occupiers, service providers and visitors in relation to fire safety.

Service providers can now provide their Tio logbook customers with a branded QR sticker (often found on fire panels, redundant document storage boxes or indeed, anywhere that suits) which gives access and promotes their partnership. Triple A Fire just ordered some for their customers as you can see here. 

Our stickers also include a warning to check for alarm monitoring connections before testing the FD&A system, something often talked about in BS5839-1 but not yet implemented, another example of Tio getting ahead of compliance standards.

Remote access is something we find highly valued by risk assessors, BAFE inspectors and fire and rescue services as it allows them to check on compliance status remotely, maximising the benefit of their time on site.

logbook stcikers

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