Making fire safety simple for pubs and bars

July 31, 2018

UK licenced premises are facing huge challenges, having endured a long period of reduced consumer spending versus rising rents, rates and inflation contributing to as many as 15 closures a week. This has meant the need for pubs to diversify and offer their customers a greater breadth and level of service.

Industry trends such as ‘Gastrofication’, healthier eating and greater drinking options, improving green credentials and adoption of digital technologies are just some of the ways of attracting customers back to pubs and increasing profits.

While these trends introduce new opportunities, a landlord cannot afford to forget the day-to-day running of their establishment. Any tools that reduce repetitive admin tasks and allow them to concentrate on their core business should be considered seriously.

Stay safe – practice good fire safety!

An important aspect of a landlord’s duty of care is ensuring customers’ and staff’s safety while at their pub, they must adhere to fire regulations beyond any doubt. Not doing so could be dangerous for customers and staff alike.

The Hertfordshire Mercury, reported the owner of a pub in Hoddesdon received a £25,000 fine for various fire safety offences.

Most landlords would be genuinely surprised to think they were running a potential death-trap. However, a lack of awareness, time and focus elsewhere can mean that vital tasks and duties are forgotten, leading to heavy fines, licences being revoked, or even imprisonment.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all those with responsibility for a building have an obligation to ensure fire safety is practiced within that building, as far as it is possible to do so, to ensure all occupants are protected from fire.

A fundamental part of fire safety is the building’s fire risk assessment. Records must be kept, and made available to be shared, updated and reviewed for all fire safety related matters, in your Fire Log Book.

Licensed premises are repeatedly found to have had no fire risk assessment carried out, automatic fire detection systems and emergency lighting not being maintained correctly, insufficient staff training, and no Fire Log Book at all.

Simple fire safety management

Tio is a simple and affordable fire safety management tool. Allowing you to delegate fire safety tasks and their record keeping, with the knowledge from a simple weekly report, all is in order and up to date. Unlike a paper-based log book, data is never lost or damaged and is available online anytime anywhere, meaning all interested parties are kept updated on fire safety compliance.

Adopting digital tools such as Tio helps increase productivity, improve green credentials and enhance the well-being of both staff and customers.

To learn how to simplify and make fire safety happen in your pub, visit and start your FREE trial.

Keely Moseley