Fire safety failings at London care home & sheltered housing block

November 6, 2018

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) published a ‘shocking’ list of safety failings discovered at a care home and a six-storey sheltered housing block, according to the Camden New Journal.

A list of ten failures was issued by the LFB after an inspection of Carole House, owned by Central and Cecil Housing Trust. According to the LFB enforcement notice, the landlords failed to provide a ‘suitable method of giving warning in case of fire’. There was also a ‘failure to ensure employees receive adequate safety training’ and failure to ‘provide and/or maintain adequate and clearly indicated emergency routes and exits’.

At Compton Lodge, a home for people requiring high levels of care, the LFB discovered seven safety breaches, including a ‘failure to make a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment’.

The Housing Trust’s statement said: ‘C&C considers the safety of its residents its highest priority and are thankful to the London Fire Brigade (LFB) for raising these issues with us.

‘At the time of the LFB inspections both properties had undergone fire risk assessments (FRAs) by independent qualified fire risk assessors. … We are very pleased that the LFB has taken such an active role and helped us identify the additional safety works that were not picked up though our FRA process.’

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Keely Moseley